The Mirandette Group
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The Mirandette Group Inc., is an independent, full service sales agency specializing in the development and manufacturing of custom components and assemblies.  We have teamed up with specialized companies in the areas of product design, engineering, prototypes, and production manufacturing, to give our customers one source for the development and manufacture of new products.

Our in-house engineering and project management capabilities allow us to work closely with our customers in the development stages of a project.  We assist our customers with product design, including feasibility of manufacturing, tooling requirements, and finishing options. Together with our design and manufacturing partners, we can provide our customers with complete engineering, design, and prototype services.

Custom Components and Assemblies
Our manufacturing principals are all highly respected, professional companies committed to total customer satisfaction.  Each company is independently owned and operated and works directly with the customer for production requirements.  Our principals assist us in designing and prototyping components.  They ensure components are designed for ease of manufacturing, thus reducing potential problems while obtaining the most cost-effective design.

Total Customer Support
We at The Mirandette Group are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest level of support throughout the entire life of a project.  As the manufacturers' sales representative, we help develop a strong working relationship between our principals and our customers.  We believe a team approach - including ourselves, our design and manufacturing sources, and our customers - is the best way to achieve results in this demanding and ever-changing marketplace.