The Mirandette Group
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The Mirandette Group, Inc. has in-house engineering and project management capabilities which allow us to work closely with our customers in every stage of a project. Our services include:

  • Engineering
    • Product design - including feasibility of manufacturing, part print development, tooling requirements, and finishing options.  
    • Validation - including materials and product-specific functional testing.
    • Value-Added / Value-Engineered - ongoing cost reduction analysis and implementation tracking.
  • Prototypes
    • All forms of prototypes are available including SLA models, moldings, castings, machined parts, finshed assemblies as well as production intent parts.
  • Project Management
    • Comprehensive Project Management - including project status reports, open issue reports, tooling progress reports, gantt charts and more.
    • Web Conferencing Software - custom software that allows us to host online meetings with our customers and suppliers in a real-time environment.